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Henchman Products are based in Australia with an office in New Zealand serving mechanics and workshops in the Automotive industry with quality hand tools. Our massive Proto range of wrenches and sockets made in the USA combined with other top quality German tools like Wiha screwdrivers and hex keys, Knipex, etc provides our customers with an opportunity to purchase a comprehensive range of top quality motor mechanics tools at affordable prices.

There is often a temptation to purchase all your tools in one brand, be warned there is no manufacturer who actually manufactures every kind of tool. You would be far better to select the best manufacturer for each tool type than get a well known branded tool which is made in China. In this way you can be assured that you are getting genuine USA or German manufactured product instead of being bluffed by an expensive brand name where the origin of manufacture is China or India, etc....

Range includes: Proto spanners and sockets, Knipex pliers, Wiha screwdrivers, Mayhew pin punches, Gearwrench, Visegrip, Shinano airtools, Norbar torque wrenches, plus much more...

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Proto Socketry and Wrenches

Professionals worldwide prefer Proto Industrial Tools for their outstanding quality, durability, and dependability. Professionals for heavy-duty industrial applications, including automotive manufacturing plants, fleet maintenance for trucking, general motor mechanicjal workshops, aircraft manufacturing, chemical plants, refineries, general manufacturing,

Proto industrial tools are recognized worldwide to be the most durable professional industrial trade tools available - manufactured in the USA.




The original Gearwrench manufacturer, providing a comprehensive range of ratheting wrenches, socketry, prybars, picks and much more. See our extensive range and keen pricing.







The Hawkeye® Borescope offer the convenience and image quality of video, built right into the scope! Comfortable onscreen viewing put an end to long days of straining to look through an eyepiece. When used with our Portable Video Monitor, or a computer, image and video capture is easy as the touch of a button. These scopes have all the features and excellent optical quality.


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